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"Protecting our most precious and vital natural resource, our children."

Quote adapted and modified from a speech given by Houlton Band of Maliseets Tribal Chief, Brenda Commander, to Tribal Lead Professionals

TBEP, Tribal Based Environmental Protection, has been at the forefront of developing lead hazard awareness materials and software development to track environmental toxins for EPA Region 1 Tribes.

Some of the products developed by the Tribal TBEP members have been well received. TBEP encourages Tribes, Regions, and States to explore the tools developed by TBEP to start a Lead Program.

TBEP is currently made up of five tribes (Maine Tribes) to address tribal lead training, 402 application submission, Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Maine, tribal lead regulation enforcement, and technical issues concerning lead inspections, risk assessments, and data collection. Other New England tribes have contributed to TBEP's success and growth.

TBEP tribal partners are involved with CONEST, Consortium of NorthEast State and Tribes. CONEST is an Eight State, Five Tribe Consortium established in 1990 to discuss and develop methods and tools to aid in certification and training  throughout Region 1. TBEP is a specialized committee of CONEST with emphasis on tribal and cultural needs.


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 To continue in public awareness in lead exposure hazards as well as build capacity for tribes to be aware of  and assess other environmental toxins. To prevent childhood lead poisoning in Indian Country. To network with other tribes and share expertise in ensuring that homes on Tribal lands are lead-safe by 2010.


TBEP has been in existence as far back as 1996. All the  EPA's Region 1 Tribes http://epa.gov/region1/govt/tribes/index.html are members of TBEP. Tribal partners have developed various products that are used by the Tribes in protecting Mother Earth and our most valuable resource -- "our children".

TBEP members in Region I meet semi-annually to discuss product implementation and to share experience and concerns to better manage environmental programs. TBEP committee meetings are established to foster communication among New England Tribes in managing lead  programs. Guest Tribes are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meetings.

Tribes interested in starting their own TBEP group should contact  mcling@tbep.net for more information. I will be willing to share my experience.

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